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Ganoderma Lucidum/Reishi Fruiting Body (Dried) 1Kg


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  • Ganoderma Lucidum Mushroom, it is known as Reishi & Lingzi in Japan & China respectively. It is one of the most important speciality mushrooms with wide range of medicinal properties, hence it is considered as “King of Herbs”. It has been used by millions of people in China, Japan & Korea for many centuries and now it is accepted and suggested by the physicians in European countries and United States of America as well.

    India is also joining this league by increasing the production, processing and consumption of Ganoderma Mushroom. Ganoderma lucidum is pharmacologically as well as commercially the most important medicinal mushroom in the world with current global trade of about 2 billion dollers; trade in India has crossed Rs. 100 crores annually through imports from Malaysia and China. Ganoderma is reported to possess a plethora of very significant medicinal values- anticancer, anti HIV, antiheart attack (cholesterol lowering as well as anti-angiogenic), Hepato- and nephrotoprotective, hypoglycemic (anti-diabetes), antioxidants etc. In Chinese and Japanese Systems of medicine Ganoderma is almost a panacea. No commercial cultivation on large is being started yet, we almost depend on its import from china, Malaysia.

    There is empirical evidence brought to light by scientists, doctors, pharmacologists and biotechnologist that, the beneficial treatment of diabetis, orthritis and cancer and cancer can be obtained by consumption of Reishi as a dietary supplement for a reasonable period of time on daily basis.

    Country Of Origin : India