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About Us

Mahogany Organics is incorporated in Dehradun in 2019 under company act 2013. We, at Mahogany Organics bring products which are high in nutritional & medicinal values and they are capable to heal many lifestyle diseases if regular taken as a food supplement. Our flagship product is Ganoderma Lucidum Mushroom which is cultivated and processed in or own premises, it is known as Reishi & Lingzi in Japan & China respectively. It is one of the most important speciality mushrooms with wide range of medicinal properties, hence it is considered as “King of Herbs”. It has been used by millions of people in China, Japan & Korea for many centuries and now it is accepted and suggested by the physicians in European countries and United States of America as well.

Nowadays, a new trend is evolving, as consumers look for more specialized services or products. We found this as a great opportunity for us. In recent times, we find that many Indians have shown their interests in consuming mushrooms in their diet because they find them tasty and also because they are also aware of its health benefits. But our research shows that there is a great lack of mushroom based cookies in the Indian market though it has high demand among the health conscious people. We have introduced “Mushroom Multigrain Cookies” as a specialist in making mushroom cookies in the market. Cookies and Coffee are the two mushroom based products we have launched recently.

We procure other wellness herbs that are free of any chemical additives and most of the organic and chemical free. These herbs are further formulated and capsulated according to the established standards. We have developed a brand "Mahogany"


We strongly believe in the importance of nutritional and medicinal values which naturally improves overall health and resistance powder of the body.

Our mission is-

  1. To bring Organic, natural & wellness products that provides people longer, stronger & healthier life.
  2. To spread awareness towards a healthy lifestyle.

Our People

Pradeep Kumar, Chairman

Pradeep Kumar is a serial entrepreneur, having diverse experience in different industries like electronics, health & wellness, and fiber optics, etc. Currently he is on board of Mahogany Organics and Aapurti Organics. He also owns a Fiber Optics firm. Under his leadership, all of the previous business grew significantly. He is innovative, disciplined and having strong networking and professional relationships in the health & Wellness industry.